Chichiiro Toiki EP 2 ENG

Published on May 11, 2016 by William

Mika y Saya, las dos amigas de la infancia de Takashi, no lo ven como un verdadero hombre, lo cual lo ha molestado durante los últimos años. Después de otra declaración de amor fallida, Saya se apiada de Takashi y lo deja tocar sus senos como consuelo, pero Takashi aprovechará para demostrar que sí puede ser un hombre.
Takashi’s two female childhood friends, Mika and Saya, may not see him as a real man, but just being around them has been provoking him more and more. Following yet another failed proposal on his part, Saya feels bad for him and lets him grope her breasts, but it quickly gets out of hand and turns into a full night of full-blown sex!

Chichiiro Toiki

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