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Published on January 1, 2017 by William

Un viaje escolar resultó ser una total tragedia. Las únicas chicas que sobrevivieron al accidente fueron infectadas por un virus. Este virus hace que necesiten semen frecuentemente para poder vivir. Uno de los chicos que habita la isla tendrá que proveer a todas las chicas con semen para ayudarlas a sobrevivir, todas se volverán adictas una vez lo prueben por primera vez.
 It was a school field trip that went terribly, terribly wrong. A cruise ship carrying a high school class was wrecked at sea with some of the survivors miraculously winding up on a nearby island. Though the buildings there suggest it was once populated, the only occupants now are the girls who survived the shipwreck, and the one male student that they all looked down upon for his unattractive appearance. Now all the girls need his cum to survive, they’ll all become addicted once they give it a first try.


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