Mesu Saga Persona ENG

Published on February 12, 2017 by William

Yumi es la esposa que todo hombre quisiera tener, se caracteriza por ser hermosa, gentil y muy amable.

Sin embargo, ha estado manteniendo un secreto a su marido durante un largo tiempo. Posee un lado muy lujurioso que la domina de vez en cuando. A Yumi le preocupa que su esposo pueda descubrir que es una mujer promiscua, pero se arriesgará para poder satisfacer sus necesidades sexuales.

Yumi is the ideal wife any man could ask for. She is beautiful, gentle and caring.

However, she is keeping a secret from her husband. There is another side of her that he does not know of. She is worried that her husband would find out about her dark secret, but at the same time her body is enjoying the excitement and happiness. Her husband eventually finds out, and…

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