Milk Money EP 1 ENG

Published on February 26, 2016 by William

Kyouko, consternada por la pérdida de su hijo, se aprovecha sexualmente de un chico (Touji) que fue criado y amamantado por ella desde su infancia. Kyouko castiga severamente a Touji cuando él no cumple sus ordenes, incluso se atreve a ‘engañar’ a su niñera Touji con su propia hija. Cuando Touji se entera de esto, decide asesinar a su hija para dejar en claro a quien pertenece Touji.
This hentai features Kyouko and Touji having sexual intercourse and Touji sucking Kyouko’s large breasts, which is lactation fetishism. When Kyouko considers that Touji has “betrayed” his nanny by having sex with her daughter, she brutally whips him and they have sex again. Kyouko later murders her daughter, saying, “Touji is mine”, which leads to another torture session and intercourse.

Milk Money

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