Ojousama Yomeiri Kousou! EP 2 ENG

Published on January 12, 2017 by William

La historia se enfoca en un estudiante de intercambio que recibió dos cartas de amor de dos chicas distintas, ambas hijas de mafiosos muy importantes de la ciudad. Las chicas están dispuestas a hacer lo que sea para reclamar su amor ¿Con qué chica se quedará nuestro protagonista? 
 The story revolves around a transfer student, Mamoru Amakawa. One day he received two love letters: one from Sakura Sumiyoi, daughter of the gang leader who owns the northern half of the city, and the other from Ageha Kurosaki, daughter of the Black Rose mafia leader who rules the southern half of the city. Unfortunately, these two fell in love with him and willing to do anything just to get his affection. How will he cope with these sticky situations?

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